22. Remakes

Looking back and improving my previous work.


There are several pieces of content on this blog that I haven’t been satisfied with, so I decided to update the more troubling offenders. Sub-optimal design happens if I rush posts or don’t think things through. I also got a new source of inspiration in the form of the most recent D&D supplement, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. When remaking pages, I will save the originals and leave them publicly available, in case someone wants to use the older content. To that end, I’ve published the Archive page, which can be accessed here. I will also comment on what I did wrong and why I am making specific changes.

Here is the list of pages that needed editing:

  1. Armory: Materials and Styles
  2. Armory: Soul gems and soul-trapping spells
  3. Armory: Umbra and Skeleton Key Daedric artifacts
  4. Character Options: Giving each race a separate page
  5. Worldbuilding: Fighters Guild
  6. Bestiary: Fey

There have also been some minor editing changes around the blog, too. For instance, I decided to change the font for something larger.

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21. Bestiary: Humanoids

Sometimes NPCs need stat blocks too.


Having stat blocks for NPCs is useful, and I greatly enjoy the last pages of the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters. You never know when a random NPC is going to become a hireling or an enemy to the party. Therefore, I decided to make stat blocks for some common NPC enemies and allies that might crop up in an Elder Scrolls campaign.

Some entries, Crossbowman and Legionary in particular, were inspired (read: copied almost word-for-word) by IrishBandit’s excellent compendium Rule of Law. You can check it out by following this link.

I decided to include a couple of Morrowind-themed humanoids as I’m sure some will find them useful. Lastly, I’d like to point out that some entries were inspired by classes from the Elder Scrolls games.

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20. Armory: Daedric Artifacts

Some of the most powerful magic items in the Elder Scrolls universe.


Daedric artifacts are a staple of Elder Scrolls games. They are powerful magical items with unique effects and varying degrees of sentience. Many of them can be easily converted into D&D; I did my best to do so following the guidelines I set for myself at the inception of this blog. For example, if there is an existing magical item whose effects fit a Daedric Artifact, I chose to use it (Mehrunes Razor – Nine Lives Stealer). Furthermore, I did not take effects from the video game and force-fit them into D&D, instead opting to create something flavorful and easily understandable. Lastly, simplicity and elegance of design are usually among my priorities. With the exception of Umbra, I don’t think I have any overly complex Artifacts.

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