19. Bestiary: Morrowind Endemics

Strange and alien creatures populate the province of Morrowind.


Another bestiary entry, this one covering various creatures native to Morrowind and found no where else. These creatures are usually exotic and bizarre, featuring many insects and reptiles. This post does not cover all creatures, just the most common and most interesting ones. Harmless critters, such as bantam guars and scuttlers are left out. They may be part of the scenery, but pose little interest to adventurers.

Each creature’s stat block comes with a short physical description and can also be accompanied by details such as diet, habitat, behavior, and uses. The creatures have been sorted into four categories: bipeds, insectoids, kwama, and flying creatures. Most are Beasts, but some have semi-natural abilities that make them fall under the Monstrosity category.

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18. Character Options: Vampirism

Become an undying abomination using these rules.

Character Options

Vampirism has been a staple of modern fantasy, including both D&D and the Elder Scrolls. The only job I had to do was adjust the rules given for player vampires in the Monster Manual. I made it a bit more complicated, but a lot more flavorful.

This post will cover the general rules for vampires, including generic vampire traits, feeding, interactions with other creatures, and six different bloodlines: Aundae, Berne, Quarra, The Nameless Tribe of Cyrodiil (The Order), Volkihar, and Whet-Fang.

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