This section covers creatures specific to the Elder Scrolls universe and not present in official publications such as the Monster Manual or Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Every monster has a brief description before the stat block. Some monsters also have additional segments, most commonly my commentary.

List of Bestiary posts:

7. Daedra
13. Dwemer Animunculi
15. Atronachs
17. Fey
19. Morrowind Endemics
21. Humanoids

Here are two lists of monsters: one by challenge rating (CR), and one by monster type. Clicking on a monster’s name will open its profile page in a new tab.

CR 1/8
Ash Hopper (beast)
Crossbowman (humanoid)
Kwama Forager (monstrosity)
Scrib (monstrosity)

CR 1/4
Centurion Spider (construct)
Cliff Racer (beast)
Guar (beast)
Imp (fey)
Kwama Worker (monstrosity)
Nix-Hound (beast)
Nix-Ox (beast)
Shalk (beast)
Wisp (fey)

CR 1/2
Alit (beast)
Legionary (humanoid)

CR 1
Betty Netch (monstrosity)
Centurion Sphere (construct)
Great House Enforcer (humanoid)
Scamp (fiend)
Shaman (humanoid)

CR 2
Cliff Strider (beast)
Kagouti (beast)
Kwama Warrior (monstrosity)
Sergeant (humanoid)

CR 3
Battlemage (humanoid)
Bull Netch (monstrosity)
Clannfear (fiend)
Dwemer Ballista (construct)
Flame Atronach (elemental)
Great Vvardvark (beast)
Witchhunter (humanoid)

CR 4
Bog Lurcher (fey)
Kwama Queen (monstrosity)
Ordinator (humanoid)
Silt Strider (beast)
Spriggan (fey)

CR 5
Crusader (humanoid)
Dark Seducer (fiend)
Dremora (fiend)
Hagraven (fey)
Nightblade (humanoid)
Royal Guard (humanoid)

CR 6
Frost Atronach (elemental)
Hunger (fiend)
Legion Centurion (humanoid)
Wispmother (fey)

CR 7
Daedroth (fiend)
Highland Lurcher (fey)

CR 8
Ogrim (fiend)

CR 9
Auroran (celestial)
Golden Saint (celestial)
Spriggan Matron (fey)
Steam Centurion (construct)
Storm Atronach (elemental)

CR 10
Winged Twilight (celestial)

CR 11
Xivilai (fiend)

CR 12
Advanced Steam Centurion (construct)

CR 13
Umbra’s Champion (humanoid)


Ash Hopper (CR 1/8)
Guar (CR 1/4)
Cliff Racer (CR 1/4)
Nix-Hound (CR 1/4)
Nix-Ox (CR 1/4)
Shalk (CR 1/4)
Alit (CR 1/2)
Cliff Strider (CR 2)
Kagouti (CR 2)
Great Vvardvark (CR 3)
Silt Strider (CR 4)

Auroran (CR 9)
Golden Saint (CR 9)
Winged Twilight (CR 10)

Centurion Spider (CR 1/4)
Centurion Sphere (CR 1)
Dwemer Ballista (CR 3)
Steam Centurion (CR 9)
Advanced Steam Centurion (CR 12)


Flame Atronach (CR 3)
Frost Atronach (CR 6)
Storm Atronach (CR 9)

Imp (CR 1/4)
Wisp (CR 1/4)
Bog Lurcher (CR 4)
Spriggan (CR 4)
Hagraven (CR 5)
Wispmother (CR 6)
Highland Lurcher (CR 7)
Spriggan Matron (CR 9)

Scamp (CR 1)
Clannfear (CR 3)
Knight of Order (CR 3)
Dark Seducer (CR 5)
Dremora (CR 5)
Hunger (CR 6)
Daedroth (CR 7)
Ogrim (CR 8)
Xivilai (CR 11)


Crossbowman (CR 1/8)
Legionary (CR 1/2)
Great House Enforcer (CR 1)
Shaman (CR 1)
Sergeant (CR 2)
Battlemage (CR 3)
Witchhunter (CR 3)
Ordinator (CR 4)
Crusader (CR 5)
Nightblade (CR 5)
Royal Guard (CR 5)
Legion Centurion (CR 6)
Umbra’s Champion (CR 13)

Scrib (CR 1/8)
Kwama Forager (CR 1/8)
Kwama Worker (CR 1/4)
Betty Netch (CR 1)
Kwama Warrior (CR 2)
Bull Netch (CR 3)
Kwama Queen (CR 4)