18. Character Options: Vampirism

Become an undying abomination using these rules.

Character Options

Vampirism has been a staple of modern fantasy, including both D&D and the Elder Scrolls. The only job I had to do was adjust the rules given for player vampires in the Monster Manual. I made it a bit more complicated, but a lot more flavorful.

This post will cover the general rules for vampires, including generic vampire traits, feeding, interactions with other creatures, and six different bloodlines: Aundae, Berne, Quarra, The Nameless Tribe of Cyrodiil (The Order), Volkihar, and Whet-Fang.

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16. Character Creation: Exotic Races (Part 2/2)

Racial traits for exotic Human, Beast, and Elemental races.

Character Options

It’s time for part two of exotic races. This post will cover four human races (Atmoran, Kothringi, Nede, and Reachman), two beast races (Imga and Lilmothiit), three elemental races (Flame, Frost, and Storm Atronach Scions), as well as several different variants for the Khajiit race.

Some of the content here is not Elder Scrolls canon. Reasons for this may vary from lack of information as some races are (I assume) deliberately left mysterious, to my effort to make as many options as possible. I admit I might have gone out of hand on this one…

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14. Character Creation: Exotic Races (Part 1/2)

Racial traits for exotic Daedric and Elven races.

Character Options

It has been over a month since my last post, but I hope to make up for it by making two posts concerning exotic races of Tamriel (and beyond). The first will be centered on Daedric and Elven races, while the second will deal with Human and Beast races. Each race comes with one or more of its own racial feats. The Elven races presented here can also pick the Elven Accuracy feat.

The Elder Scrolls setting features ten main races that are playable in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim games. However, there are other races that are less commonplace for a variety of reasons. Some are not native to the material plane, some are extinct or presumed extinct, some are few in number and live in remote locations. If you wish to include the following races in your campaign, make sure you work out the character’s background and the campaign’s setting. Here are a few suggestions.

An Ayleid princess who wakes up from a 3000-year magical sleep.
A Dremora exile who was banished from his clan for sparing a mortal’s life.
A Chimer spellcaster who discovers that her teleportation spell had an unfortunate temporal dimension.
A Golden Saint beta male who would rather spend his time among mortals than be derided by his peers.
A Dwemer who went to a pocket dimension to finish writing a 15.000 page series of novels (The Symphony of Frost and Flame), only to find his race gone from the Material Plane.
A Snow Elf who is a time traveler from the future, when the Falmer have risen up and regained their former nature.

By setting the campaign at an earlier time in history (1st Era or even Merethic Era), you can make some of the races far more common, thus changing the dynamic of racial relationships. You can also run a campaign that has little to do with Tamriel and is primarily set in the Planes of Oblivion.

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