22. Remakes

Looking back and improving my previous work.


There are several pieces of content on this blog that I haven’t been satisfied with, so I decided to update the more troubling offenders. Sub-optimal design happens if I rush posts or don’t think things through. I also got a new source of inspiration in the form of the most recent D&D supplement, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. When remaking pages, I will save the originals and leave them publicly available, in case someone wants to use the older content. To that end, I’ve published the Archive page, which can be accessed here. I will also comment on what I did wrong and why I am making specific changes.

Here is the list of pages that needed editing:

  1. Armory: Materials and Styles
  2. Armory: Soul gems and soul-trapping spells
  3. Armory: Umbra and Skeleton Key Daedric artifacts
  4. Character Options: Giving each race a separate page
  5. Worldbuilding: Fighters Guild
  6. Bestiary: Fey

There have also been some minor editing changes around the blog, too. For instance, I decided to change the font for something larger.

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