11. Worldbuilding: Fighters Guild

A faction for those who live by the sword.



The Fighters Guild (also spelled Fighter’s Guild and Fighters’ Guild) is an Empire-wide organization that regulates the training and hiring of mercenaries. It dates to the second era, and has guildhalls in every major city. Every province has its own branch of the Fighters Guild, each overseen by a Guild Master. This faction should be appealing to those of a martial vocation, and many adventurers join for a steady source of work. This faction is great for barbarians, fighters, monks, paladins, and rangers. The Fighters Guild has good relations with other Imperial factions: the Mages Guild and the Imperial Legion in particular.

Symbol: Two swords crossed behind a kite shield.
Motto:Swords For Hire

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6. Worldbuilding: Classes (Part 3/3)


This is the conclusion of the series of posts covering D&D classes as they appear in the Elder Scrolls universe. I will be covering sorcerers, warlocks, wizards, artificers, and mystics in this post.

Much like in the previous two posts, content relying on the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide will be indicated with [SCAG], while Unearthed Arcana content has a [UA].

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5. Worldbuilding: Classes (Part 2/3)

The second part of my D&D class analysis.


This post will cover the fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, and rogue classes, with advice on how to fit them into the Elder Scrolls universe.

Same as part 1, content from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide will be indicated with [SCAG], while the Unearthed Arcana content is marked with a [UA].

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