Character Options

Character Options

This segment gathers everything a player needs to create an Elder Scrolls character. Additional options, such as new feats, vampirism, and lycanthropy, will also be included here.

List of Character Options posts:

1. Races
2. Birthsigns
3. Racial Feats
12. Way of the Voice
14. Exotic Races – Daedra and Elves
16. Exotic Races – Humans, Beasts, and Elementals

Playable Races – The ten default races available in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim:

Human races: Imperial, Breton, Nord, and Redguard
Elven races: Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, and Orc
Beast Races: Khajiit and Argonian

Exotic Races – Want to try something different? Explore races that are not playable in the vanilla Elder Scrolls games:

Human races: Kothringi and Reachman
Elven race: Maormer
Beast races: Imga and Lilmothiit
Daedric races: Dremora, Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, and Atronach Scion (Flame, Frost, and Storm)

Extinct Races – Travel back in time and play as a member of a long-dead race:

Human races: Atmoran and Nede
Elven races: Ayleid, Chimer, Dwemer, and Snow Elf

Feats for Races – An additional way to customize your characters.

Backgrounds – New options for backgrounds, specific for the Elder Scrolls world. (coming soon)

Classes – Commentary on how the official D&D classes (from the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and Unearthed Arcana articles) fit into the Elder Scrolls world can be found under the Worldbuilding section.

Monk: Way of the Four Elements Remake
Monk: Way of the Voice

Birthsigns – Optional rule that adds flavor to an Elder Scrolls campaign by giving each hero a slight boost.

Vampirism – Rules for PCs and NPCs who become vampires.