13. Bestiary: Dwemer Animunculi

Profiles for ancient constructs of Dwemer design.


Dwemer animunculi, also known as automatons, centurions, or robots, are steam-powered constructs created by the Dwemer as guardians and war machines. Made from a special Dwemer metal, they continue functioning centuries after their creators’ disappearance. Without the Dwemer to control them, the animunculi revert to their default settings, maintaining their underground cities and attacking intruders. A construct may never hurt a Dwemer without being ordered to do so by another Dwemer. Some adventurers use this to their advantage, masking themselves with illusion magic.

In combat, the animunculi deploy surprisingly effective tactics such as ambushes and coordinated attacks. They focus the most threatening and vulnerable targets before moving on. Knowing no fear or sympathy, they ignore casualties on both sides. However, they will retreat if doing so is tactically advantageous.

Scholars and mages find these constructs fascinating and many try to uncover the secrets behind these technological marvels. Each of these constructs is powered by steam, but some of them also use electricity or soul gems as a backup or auxiliary source of power. All artifacts taken from Dwemer ruins are considered to be the property of the Emperor by Imperial Law. This includes Dwemer constructs, which means that honest merchants will not buy the remains of destroyed animunculi. Smugglers and fences, however, will gladly buy anything a daring adventurer brings from a Dwemer city.

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12. Character Options: Way of the Voice

A remake of an unappealing monastic tradition.

Character Options

The Way of the Four Elements monastic tradition is widely considered to be underpowered and unappealing. I analyzed this subclass and looked at the ways others tried to fix it (here is one example) in order to come up with my version of an update. This is what I came up with.

The core of the problem, in my opinion, lies in the fact that the only bonus this subclass gives to a monk is the ability to cast a limited number of spells using the same resource that powers their other abilities. This is very problematic because they are given a choice: use regular monk abilities, or use the Elemental Disciplines, as a monk does not have enough ki points for both, especially at lower levels.

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11. Worldbuilding: Fighters Guild

A faction for those who live by the sword.



The Fighters Guild (also spelled Fighter’s Guild and Fighters’ Guild) is an Empire-wide organization that regulates the training and hiring of mercenaries. It dates to the second era, and has guildhalls in every major city. Every province has its own branch of the Fighters Guild, each overseen by a Guild Master. This faction should be appealing to those of a martial vocation, and many adventurers join for a steady source of work. This faction is great for barbarians, fighters, monks, paladins, and rangers. The Fighters Guild has good relations with other Imperial factions: the Mages Guild and the Imperial Legion in particular.

Symbol: Two swords crossed behind a kite shield.
Motto:Swords For Hire

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