20. Armory: Daedric Artifacts

Some of the most powerful magic items in the Elder Scrolls universe.


Daedric artifacts are a staple of Elder Scrolls games. They are powerful magical items with unique effects and varying degrees of sentience. Many of them can be easily converted into D&D; I did my best to do so following the guidelines I set for myself at the inception of this blog. For example, if there is an existing magical item whose effects fit a Daedric Artifact, I chose to use it (Mehrunes Razor – Nine Lives Stealer). Furthermore, I did not take effects from the video game and force-fit them into D&D, instead opting to create something flavorful and easily understandable. Lastly, simplicity and elegance of design are usually among my priorities. With the exception of Umbra, I don’t think I have any overly complex Artifacts.

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9. Armory: Magic Items, vol. 1

A miscellany of magic items tailored for an Elder Scrolls campaign.


Here I will present eight of my favorite magical items I have used in my Elder Scrolls campaigns. Each will have a short description and my commentary. Items will be presented in alphabetical order and are a good mix of different types of magical items.

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